Nation’s Businesses Prepare for Wave of New Regulations

Business groups are bracing for a wave of new regulations, as federal agencies prepare to unveil their latest rules in the coming weeks.

The Hill reports:

There are at roughly two dozen major rules that are scheduled to drop between now and late January, according to a review of the administration’s official regulatory agenda and rules now awaiting approval at the White House.

Groups including the Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute said they are most concerned by expected costs associated with a slate of rules now in the pipeline at the Environmental Protection Agency. 

“The EPA’s regulatory march is very concerning to the business community,” said Matt Letourneau, spokesman for the Chamber’s energy institute. “We’re fighting these regulations,” he added. “We’re trying to encourage EPA to listen to our concerns. We’re hoping EPA backs off or changes course.” …

Currently, the ozone standards are set at 75 parts per billion, but the EPA is expected to lower the level of permissible air pollution to between 60 ppb and 70 ppb, which business groups say would be nearly impossible for communities to reach.

“Even in some national parks they can’t meet the ozone standards,” said Heath Knakmuhs, senior director of policy at the Chamber’s energy institute.

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