Monster Truck Saves Lives In Houston Floods

As news of severe flooding continues to garner national attention, those affected by the rising waters are now looking ahead to the aftermath. Homes destroyed, vehicles caught in the tide, and families coping with what was lost: It’s enough to leave many hopeless.

For one Texas woman, however, things could have been much worse. Trapped on the second story of her home and unable to get to safety, she was shocked when a truck came roaring up to her.

And although her neighborhood had become “a lake,” this truck and its free-wheeling driver seemed to have no trouble.

As reported by WFAA:

Cole Geeo got behind the wheel of a monster truck, eight feet high, and cruised around saving his neighbors. The area looked like a lake as Geeo saved Deborah Wright. …

She was caught on video climbing down one ladder and then up to another into her ride to safety. Minutes later she was back on dry land.

“That’s a redneck rescue I do believe,” said Dina Young Gray, Wright’s co-worker at Millsap ISD. She called around for help when Wright was in trouble.

“That’s just how Millsap is,” she said. “We just look out for one another… If this didn’t work, we were going to get a boat.”

Head over to WFAA for the full story and video.