Michigan Manufacturing Jobs to Outpace State Government Workers for First Time Since 2005

Michigan, who’s auto industry and other manufacturing sectors were some of the hardest hit during the Great Recession, looks to be on the rebound, with new data showing the number of manufacturing jobs may soon outpace the number of government workers.

Michigan Capitol Confidential has more:

For the first time in 110 months, the number of manufacturing jobs could exceed the number of government jobs in this state, according to data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As of February 2015, the latest period for which data is available, there were 593,300 government jobs in Michigan and 593,100 manufacturing jobs. …

In the 1990s, Michigan manufacturing jobs consistently outnumbered government jobs. That ended in September 2005, when BLS statistics showed 675,000 government jobs and 674,000 manufacturing jobs in the state. The figures shifted slightly during the next two months before tilting over on a long-term basis in December 2005. Starting that month, government jobs exceeded manufacturing jobs, and kept that edge for the next 111 months.

The most recent figures are from February of this year, when Michigan manufacturing jobs were just 200 fewer than the number of government jobs. The largest employment gap between the two sectors came in June 2009, when there were nearly 227,000 more government jobs than manufacturing jobs.

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