Medicare Recipients Are Taking On The White House Over This Bureaucratic Mess

More often than not, citizens begrudgingly resign themselves to bureaucratic red tape, especially in a rapidly growing program like Medicare. Five Medicare beneficiaries, however, have finally had enough and are filing suit against the Obama administration for taking far too long to process their Medicare appeals.

The Hill reports:

The Center for Medicare Advocacy (CMA) said Tuesday it is suing the administration in the U.S. District Court in Connecticut after its clients had to wait longer than the statutory 90-day limit to resolve appeals.

“This lawsuit is necessary because of a broken Medicare appeals system,” said Gill Deford, CMA’s litigation director, in a statement. “We’re suing to fix it for the Plaintiffs and the thousands of beneficiaries in similar circumstances who are struggling to pay health care bills, or going without needed care while stuck in bureaucratic limbo.”

CMA says the Medicare Act requires Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) to issue decisions within 90 days after a request for a hearing. The current average wait time for a decision, however, is 489 days, CMA notes.

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