Man Wins Lottery, Builds New Fire Station for his Town

A new house for your grandma?

A yacht, perhaps?

Or what about that private jet you’ve had your eyes on?

If you are considering any of these purchases, it’s safe to say you’ve got some cold hard cash in the bank. But for everyone else who doesn’t have the funds to hire a private chef or instal a golden toilet seat anytime soon, at least there’s the lottery to keep that brief bit of hope still alive.

Just take a look at recent Missouri Powerball winner Mark Hill, who was happy enough to receive a check for close to $300 million a few years ago, according to UPROXX. But Hill doesn’t have his eyes set on a yacht anytime soon, knowing full well how quickly that lottery money can become a burden.

Instead, Hill has decided to give back to his community. Having already put some of that money to good use by adopting two orphaned children, Hill has now purchased a brand new, state-of-the-art fire station for his town.

As UPROXX reports, the inspiration to give back to local firefighters stemmed from past incidents during which Hill’s father was saved by those very same firefighters – not one time, but twice.

So he felt like a new fire station was the least he could do to show his appreciation.

The new state-of-the-art fire station took over a year to build and includes a large training facility with radiant heating in the floors and is completely energy efficient. The Hills also purchased new fire trucks and added an ambulance service to better serve the tiny community. They were inspired to rebuild the station after volunteer firefighters saved Mr. Hill’s father twice. Hill told Fox 8 about the project stating, “You know what? If my wife and I could have built this without anybody knowing that she and I were building it, that’s exactly what we would have done.” …

This isn’s the first time that the Hill Family has gained national attention about what they’re doing with their lottery winnings, back in 2013 they made the luxurious purchase of a sewage treatment plant for Camden Point.

Head over to UPROXX for the full story.