Keen Home Brings Savings By Reducing Home Energy Waste

The average person’s energy bills may skyrocket during extremely cold or hot months from heater and air conditioner use. Often times when people are using their heater or air conditioner, the rooms become overly hot or cold, further adding to energy costs. In fact, half of the average U.S. household’s energy bill is spent on heating and cooling throughout the year.

What if there was a system that could help keep room temperatures at a comfortable level while bringing the cost of your energy bill down by not wasting unneeded energy within your home?

Luckily for consumers, this product is very close to hitting the shelves.

Keen Home was developed by Ryan Fant, Nayeem Hussain, and Will McLeod in 2013 and is headquartered in New York City. They developed the “Smart Vent” device to enhance the core function of your home while being able to bring consumers savings on energy.

keen home

The mission of the company is quite simple: to provide the maximum level of comfort along with a better maintained home all while reducing costs.

“At Keen Home, we create proactive devices that enhance the core functions of the home. We identify ineffective devices and enable them to reach their full potential by adding intelligence through innovative hardware and software solutions. By elevating these essential systems, Keen Home’s customers benefit from increased comfort, improved energy efficiency, and a better maintained home,” states the company’s website.

In fact, Keen Home hit the ground running when they were nominated for’s “Coolest College Startups of 2014.” On top of this, they’ve participated in the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield.

“Keen Home builds proactive hardware devices that aim to enhance the core functions of the home, so your home can start to take care of you. For our first product, we are focusing on a home’s heating and cooling system,” the company told in 2014.

“The average U.S. household spends 50 percent of its energy bill on heating or cooling, or about $2,000 per year. This same household has an average of two to four rooms that are overheated or overcooled at various times throughout the day.”

The Smart Vent works using a wireless networked air vent that redirects airflow throughout a residence, cutting the run time of heating and cooling systems by nearly a third. The system is powered using four AA batteries per vent and will only need to be changed every two or three years.

One of the best aspects of the product is it allows a user to choose which areas of their home need the most attention – and which areas need less – thus redirecting its functions to suit a person’s specific needs.

Installation of the Smart Vent is extremely easy. In order to add the Smart Vent, simply remove an old vent and replace it with the Smart Vent. It’s as simple as that. This process can be completed in just a few minutes.

“The Smart Vent is wirelessly connected and senses temperature and duct pressure to make intelligent airflow decisions. With your phone or tablet, control is at your fingertips,” making it a breeze to control.

The company has come a long way since its advent in 2013 and has recently been featured by outlets such as Mashable, Fast Company, National Geographic, and Wired as their product is set to launch.

For now, the company is currently taking pre-orders for the Smart Vent at 35 percent off. Included with the pre-order is a free smart hub (a $40 value) for a limited amount of time.

Without the discount, Smart Vents will run consumers $90 each. Depending on the size of one’s home, the company recommends purchasing 4 to 8 vents and placing them in “problem zones” – rooms that are too hot in the winter, too cold in the summer, or unused rooms for a good portion of the day.

To check out more about Smart Vents, head on over to Keen Home’s website.