Trumpism has ripped apart the Republican Party. Although the cracks have been concealed by the ongoing primaries, the party cannot repair itself in its present form.

Yet while Trump’s popularity is a physical manifestation of this segregation within the GOP, conservatives must recognize that Trump’s reign is only temporary. By virtue of his sociopathic tendencies and associated likeability numbers, Trump’s implosion is inevitable.

Preparing for that moment, the GOP must offer a manifesto to unify the fragmented wings of Republican conservatism. Here are five suggestions.

1) Focus on Social Mobility
The new GOP must show the moral virtue of conservative alternatives to liberalism. Put simply, we must challenge the liberal perspective that wealth transfers are the means to reducing poverty. As I’ve noted for Opportunity Lives, that approach hurts our economic prospects and mobility, especially for the poorest in our society.

But while we articulate the opportunities of economic growth and deregulation, our renewed conservatism must also think more broadly. To win new support from independents and liberals, Republicans will have to show that we care about those who do not vote for us. That means facing up to challenges like homelessness and weaknesses in the justice system. To build a brand that wins moral favor and confidence, we must lift up those who have slipped through society’s cracks. Fortunately, led by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), this renewal is already underway.

To build a brand that wins moral favor and confidence, we must lift up those who have slipped through society’s cracks
2) Become the Party of the Young
Today’s Democratic Party believes that young Americans should subsidize older Americans. And while some of these transfers are necessary for the health of poorer Americans who are no longer able to work, the balance has been lost. Consider the debt-exploding promise of massive government programs and Obamacare’s requirement that young Americans pay for the bad health choices of their elders. A renewed GOP should right these wrongs by offering young Americans confidence that conservatism is fair. To do so, we should start by presenting a plan that reforms entitlements. That will allow us to present a choice of governance that evades insolvency but gives poor Americans the confidence that they will be cared for in retirement.

Still, Republicans must also recognize the damage that idiocy within our own party has wrought. For one example, we must aggressively challenge conservative misogynists who make insulting comments towards women. We must also accept that while establishment liberals are frequently dishonest, conservative special interest cronyism remains real.

3) Offer a Realist Foreign Policy Vision
The vast majority of conservatives would say that President Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster. And they would be correct. Yet it’s not enough that we simply criticize the president and his allies. We must offer meaningful alternatives. And once again, we must do so with introspection. Republicans made many mistakes during the 2003-2006 period in Iraq and the 2002-2007 period in Afghanistan. We sought unrealistic ambitions of rapid capitalist-democratic reform, and we failed to rapidly adjust to changing insurgent strategies and tactics. Too many American families paid for those failings.

But at the strategic level, those failures enabled President Obama to manipulate public hesitation against military force in order to pursue his foreign policy of weakness. In that vacuum of strategic intellect, China, Russia and Daesh (ISIL) have found success. The world is far more dangerous. Going forward, we must offer a realist foreign policy that preferences diplomacy, but is prepared to use decisive force. Restoring global confidence in credible American leadership must be our central focus.

It’s not enough that we simply criticize the president and his allies. We must offer meaningful alternatives
4) Empower Free Markets
Our tax code is a disaster. It discourages business innovation and disincentives investment in America. Conservatives need reforms that attract new capital to the United States and reduce distortions. Yet the Republican Party cannot preach capitalism and competition while we continue to pick winners and losers. We must force greater fairness in global pharmaceutical trading, reduce trade barriers to entry, and end subsidies for favored industries. Conservatives must also articulate why free markets are good for the country. We must break free of delusional fear and articulate why free trade saves American families thousands of dollars each year, while offering major new economic opportunities.

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5) Stand up for Individual Liberty and Stronger Societies
In college campuses and media newsrooms, an anti-free speech movement is growing in strength. As heirs to Lincoln, Republicans must put individual liberty front and center. We must oppose efforts to silence dissent and defend religious freedom alongside human respect. We must encourage civility alongside vigorous debate. And we must ensure that political advocacy remains the right of all Americans, rather than a privilege of powerful elites.

First though, the GOP and its conservative followers must confront reality. Our party lacks a narrative of alternatives to liberalism. Until we address that ongoing failure, Trumpism will define our future.