Indiana Rep. Introduces Bill That Would Dramatically Expand School Choice

Indiana Rep. Luke Messer, the fifth-ranking Republican in the House and chairman of the Congressional School Choice Caucus, has reintroduced a bill that would give more power to the states and parents in determining what school best fits their child’s needs.

Politico Pro reports:

Messer, who chairs the Congressional School Choice Caucus, is reintroducing the Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Students Act, a bill that would dramatically expand the options available to states. In addition to making federal Title I funds portable, Messer’s bill would expand families’ options for 529 and Coverdell savings accounts, even allowing parents to use Coverdell funds for home schooling expenses.

“For too long, conservatives in education policy have said it should start and stop with eliminating the Department of Education,” Messer said today. “The reality is, we need to show Americans we care about their No. 1 priority,” education.

He added that he’s been speaking with several other lawmakers — Sens. Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Tim Scott — about gathering support for school choice proposals in Congress. Vouchers might not fit into the “political reality” of the push to reauthorize No Child Left Behind this year, Messer said, but he emphasized that he’s in it for the long haul and that “every idea has its time.”

Via Politico Pro