Immigrants: Don’t Vote for What You Fled!

Protestors march against socialist president Nicolas Maduro in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas / Photo: AP
With Latinos prepared to vote in record numbers for Hillary Clinton on Election Day, Gloria Alvarez, a Guatemalan political activist who has been fighting against big government in her own country, has a message to the Latino community: Don’t vote for what you fled!

In a short video produced by Prager University, an online university bearing the name of conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager, Alvarez lays out a compelling case why Hispanics living in the United States should think twice before voting for politicians bent on recreating the very economic conditions here in the United States that they fled from in Latin America.

“Why do you support the same policies in the U.S. that caused you to flee your home country,” Alvarez asks before pointing to liberal economic policies that leave poverty and misery in their wake. To make her case, Alvarez cites Guatemalan’s high poverty rate, including a staggering 50 percent malnourishment rate for all Guatemalan children.

These numbers are consistent with other parts of Latin America that struggle under high taxes and onerous regulations that make it difficult for economic freedom to take root. As a result, jobs and economic mobility are in short supply. Under these conditions, many Guatemalans choose to leave their families to make the treacherous journey to the United States in search of opportunity. The video notes approximately 1 million Guatemalans now live in the United States.

What sets apart the United States from Guatemala is what Alvarez describes as the “unique American belief in limited government” that leads to greater individual freedom and personal responsibility.

“You came to the United States to participate in what Americans call the ‘American Dream’…. that through individual freedom plus personal responsibility and hard work, you can accomplish your life’s goals,” Alvarez explains in the video that is also available in Spanish. It’s the first time the presenter is making the case in both English and Spanish, according to a representative from Prager University.

Latinos did not come to this country looking for big government policies and the welfare state. Immigrants from Latin America, like others before, have come to the United States in search of opportunity and prosperity.

And in a way of anticipating criticism from the Left, the Prager U. video takes on the contentious issue of immigration, arguing that every sovereign country has the right to secure its borders — including those in Central and South America. The video debunks the idea that only countries with an abundance of natural resources can prosper. A claim that quickly falls apart when looking at places like Venezuela that are rich in gas and oil, but literally dying because of failed socialist economic policies.

A case study Opportunity Lives has been writing about in great detail.

The video concludes by urging Hispanics to recognize in the idea that there is something unique about the United States experiment in democracy and self-government.

“The United States is different…please keep it that way,” Alvarez said.

Israel Ortega is a Senior Writer for Opportunity Lives. You can follow him on Twitter:@IzzyOrtega.