How this Charter School Teacher is Motivating His Students to Succeed

Michael Scruggs, a high school charter school teacher, is setting the bar pretty high on how an educator can motivate his students. Scruggs chants with his students, “I am number one,”according to ABC News. 

“I am number one,” Scruggs’ 150 students say every day. “I have everything it takes to be number one. I am successful. I am great. I woke up with a purpose.

“My day will be great,” they continue. “Scholars get scholarships. Scholars get scholarships. I get scholarships. We all get scholarships.”

Scruggs, 37, a six-year teaching veteran in his first year teaching at the W.E.B. Du Bois School of Leadership and Public Policy, admitted his students thought he was “crazy” on the first day of school as he ran around pumping them up.

“But I never changed,” Scruggs told ABC News. “I was consistent with this mantra and after a while they started doing it.”

Kendall Morgan, 14, a ninth-grade student in Scruggs’ social studies class, said she now hears the mantra in her head “all the time.”

“It motivates me to keep going,” said Morgan, who also noted her first impression of Scruggs was, “I thought he was crazy.”

“Now I love him,” she said. “He has a positive attitude and he has a lot of respect for himself and other people.”

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