Founder Of Home Depot Looks To Help America’s Small Businesses

When Bernie Marcus was 48-years-old, he was fired from his long-time job. But instead of admitting defeat and slumping into a dismal future, he decided to surge forward.

“I thought how you deal with this kind of change depends on what’s going to happen with the rest of your life,” Marcus said in a video statement.

In response to his life being upended, Marcus opened a little store that sold home repair supplies – your nuts and bolts, your plywood, your paint – and ended up growing the business over the years. Since then, he has built an entire legacy, earning himself the title that will undoubtedly be in the headline of his obituary: co-founder of The Home Depot.

It was through hard work and personal empowerment that Marcus and his co-founder Ken Langone were able to establish a massive business. Now, however, both say that regulations and constraining laws are making it even more difficult for small business owners to succeed and grow in America.

“I’m very, very concerned about the small business guy, the small business guy who I was,” Marcus said. “All of these small business guys have the same problems that we had then, but the odds are stacked against them.”

This realization was the key reason why Marcus decided to create the Job Creators Network, a bi-partisan organization that believes the best defense against bad public policy is a well-informed public.

“We have a huge challenge in America today,” said Job Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz. “This is because too many Americans today do not know about the values that make our nation and economy strong, and government policies, through laws and regulations, threaten these values everyday.”

The mission of the Job Creators Network is not to muck around in the ever-changing realm of politics. Indeed, the network does not and will not endorse candidates, political parties or partisan organizations created to advance the election of candidates, according to their mission statement.

Rather, the network aims to involve employees in the fight to defend free enterprise; inform employees how government policies impact America’s jobs; and inspire employees to become more informed citizens.

“We live in a country where every consumer votes everyday with every dollar they spend,” said Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants. “That’s an election that an entrepreneur needs to figure out how to win.”

The network’s nonpartisan education program, for instance, is strictly focused on empowering individuals through basic public policy education – giving small business owners and employees alike an ability to understand how laws and policy affect them directly.

“The whole notion of the Job Creators Network is to have an environment, an atmosphere that’s conducive to these small companies growing,” said Ken Langone, co-founder The Home Depot.

Indeed, if individuals can think for themselves and make their own private decision regarding what to do with that information, the network believes that policy and laws will reactively become more conducive to small business prosperity, as more and more voters lead the charge to reaffirm America’s role as arbiter of entrepreneurship.

Head over to Job Creators Network for more information and resources.