Ex-prisoner opens business to inspire young people

It’s more than just a place to get a tasty milkshake.

The recently-opened Milk Sheikh, a humorously-named local shop outside of London, was the brain-child of a young activist / businessman. At just 23-years-old, Prince Wasim is notable for being a fresh-faced entrepreneur in his community.

But like so many of his generation who grew up in Harlesden, Wasim also had a stint in prison. In a city that is known for its high rate of murder and crime, Wasim hopes his new venture will inspire other young people to lead a more prosperous path.

The Kilburn Times reports that Wasim sees the place as a hangout spot, which will hopefully keep kids off the streets.

He said: “I’m a changed person. I got kicked out of school and went to a pupil referral unit but I’ve still made it, got a degree at uni.

“Sitting in prison alone having some me time made me realise that there’s a lot more to life than just hanging around with the wrong crowd and taking life for granted. Life is what you make it.”

After reading up on entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Lord Alan Sugar, Mr Wasim opened Milk Sheikh, serving waffles, crepes, deserts and many varieties of milkshake.

It was a unique offering for his city, with nothing else like it nearby. Wasim said the shop has since become a place for local kids who would otherwise be out getting into trouble. He hopes to show them how owning a business is the best way to create wealth.

“A lot of school children come in and I get into conversation with them. It’s a place for them to go. They see rappers and think all that sort of stuff is glamorous and cool.

“I tell them no, owning a business is cool.”

Head over to the Kilburn Times for the full story.