About Us

About Us

Opportunity Lives is a news platform dedicated to discovering and highlighting real-life success stories and solutions across America.

What makes our platform unique is a focus on solutions rather than conflict.  We’re interested in what works, and why.  In our view, solutions are not merely good policies, but the result of free people taking initiative and seizing opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.  Opportunity Lives is dedicated to finding those stories and highlighting America’s doers, reformers, innovators and problem-solvers, regardless of where they live.

Our Values:

We believe strongly that what works in a free society is a limited government.  But limiting government is not our ultimate definition of success.  We believe limiting government liberates people and gives them the opportunity to fulfill their potential and pursue the happiness that comes from earned success.

From education to energy to the economy, we believe in empowering families and revitalizing communities. We believe free enterprise, a vibrant civil society, and limited, competent government are the best means to expand opportunity to all.

We believe these principles are fundamentally American.

In that spirit, our focus is on America rather than Washington.  There are true reformers in Washington who deserve to be celebrated, but most of America’s problem-solvers are working outside the Beltway.  Those are the stories we hope to tell.

Finally, we welcome a rigorous and respectful debate with those who have a different view of government’s role and how to define a worthy success story.  In fact, we relish this debate because it will help create an informed citizenry that will demand the best solutions. What the authors of the First Amendment believed is still true: in a free and open exchange, who ever knew truth to be pinned by falsity?

Opportunity Lives is a project of Opportunity News Media LLC.

Opportunity Lives

Opportunity Lives es un medio de noticias dedicado a descubrir y destacar historias de éxito en la vida real y soluciones a lo largo y ancho de Estados Unidos.