Editor’s Note – Welcome to the Solutions Center

When Opportunity Lives launched nearly a year ago, we promised to create a news site with a bias toward solutions rather than conflict. In the past year we’ve done just that: discover and report on America’s real-life success stories, its doers, reformers, innovators and problem-solvers.

More than half a million people have seen our “Comeback” documentary series, featuring stories of redemption in some of the nation’s most distressed communities. These powerful stories were recently highlighted in the Wall Street Journal. Our work to share these “modern parables” of conservative principles in action is only just beginning.

The conservative movement historically has been very good at policy — communicating head to head — but less adept at storytelling — communicating heart to heart. This barrier between the intellectual and the emotional has held back conservatism’s appeal. At Opportunity Lives, we’re working to tear down this wall.

We connect the heart and the head, telling true American stories backed with clear thinking, solid facts and practical policies. As the Hudson Institute’s Bill Schambra noted at a recent anti-poverty forum, the “Comeback” series is more than “just inspiring pictures. There is real content.”

For the next phase of our news site, Opportunity Lives will build upon these content-rich stories. Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature at Opportunity Lives called the Solutions Center—an online, living briefing book of the best conservative solutions to the problems facing our nation. Here we’ll feature policy proposals, scholars, leaders and key readings aimed squarely at expanding opportunity where it is needed most.

Our goal isn’t to settle intra-movement debates but to clarify these debates. For example, we’ll highlight the best ideas for replacing Obamacare and reforming the tax code. There is a vibrant intellectual energy at work on the Right. The scholar community and elected leaders are churning out thoughtful approaches to apply our timeless principles to the challenges of the day. It’s a striking contrast with the intellectual exhaustion of the Left.

Whether you’re a reformer looking to make a change or a citizen looking for concrete ideas, we hope the Solutions Center will be a helpful resource.

As you look at this new feature we’d welcome your feedback and ideas. This platform is merely a start. Don’t hesitate to send us a note at news@opportunitylives.com. We look forward to expanding our solutions coverage in the months and years ahead.

You can find the Solutions Center here.

John Hart is the Editor-in-Chief of Opportunity Lives. You can follow him on Twitter @johnhart333.