Disabled Man Turns His Passion for Walking into a Career

It’s been said countless times that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Washington resident Russell Carey appears to have taken that mantra to heart.

Each day, Carey straps on a helmet, puts on an orange safety vest and walks around town. As a disabled man who grew up without a family and without a permanent home, Carey finds solace is strolling down the local streets, talking with residents and making people smile.

Now, through ingenuity, he has found a way to get paid in the process.

As the Whidbey News Times reports, Carey realized that he could become a walking advertisement, holding up a sign as he did his daily rounds.

Carey can’t work independently at [many] tasks. He’s living with autism, visual impairment and a brain lesion that causes seizures. What he loves to do is walk.

Now he charges $80 for an initial contract. That includes the price of a custom sign — made at cost by Whidbey Signs — and one hour of advertisement for six weeks.

This is his Microsoft. He has a business license from the city. He pays taxes. He keeps what he earns.

And he loves what he does.

Carey has now been manning his own business for several years, with regular customers and a steady stream of business. Local residents have taken notice, too, calling Carey a model for the “inherent value of all people and the importance of work as something that makes all of us whole and healthy.”

Head over to the Whidbey News Times to learn more about Carey’s inspiring story.