They called it the miracle of Dry Creek. On August 5, 2012, a once-every-few-centuries flood ravished Washington County Tennessee in Central Appalachia, one of poorest areas in America. “There was nowhere for the water to go,” recalled Walter Crouch, the CEO of the Appalachia Service Project, a 46 year old organization dedicated to repairing and […]


Progressives, led by Senator Elizabeth Warren have already indicated their desire to turn the federal direct student loan program into a larger entitlement with greater underfunding and endless red ink. The 2016 campaign version of this strategy comes virtue of Ohio candidate for the U.S. Senate, Democrat P.G. Sittenfeld. Specifically, he proposes: Reduce interest rates to 2 percent for […]

The Freedom and Empowerment Plan (Gov. Bobby Jindal’s health care plan)

According to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Obamacare is an “unpopular, unworkable, and misguided law that should be repealed in its entirety.” To that end, in 2014 Jindal released a detailed health care plan which would repeal Obamacare entirely while putting in place a health care system built on conservative principles. The plan aims to lower […]

The Congressional Budget Office

House Republicans earlier this week unveiled the first step in a three-part legislative process to repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered reforms. One thing missing is the cost of the proposed law. Enter the Congressional Budget Office. The nonpartisan government agency is responsible for revealing the cost of legislation prior to its passage, and it […]

Meet the Unsung Heroes Fighting Poverty in America’s Poorest Cities

An exciting documentary series recently launched by Mic, the Millennial news and cultural platform, tells the story of unsung heroes working in marginalized communities on the front lines of poverty and other struggles. The series is called “The Movement,” and it’s the brainchild of writer and activist Darnell Moore, a native of Camden, N.J., one […]

Speaker Ryan: The Government Has Created a Poverty Trap

For the past several years, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has embarked on a nationwide listening tour. Unlike the typical political handshake-and-photo-op, these quiet gatherings have been with community leaders who, at the human-to-human level, are tackling America’s greatest social challenges. With the help of civil rights hero Robert Woodson, Ryan has zigzagged […]

The Ridiculousness of New York’s Airbnb Ban

Airbnb introduces property holders to those wanting a short-length apartment or room rental. Taking a 3 percent cut of rental contracts, Airbnb’s business model is basic but popular. An analysis company, 7Park, recently found that Airbnb’s global inventory grew from 3,000 units in February 2009 to 2.3 million units — houses, condos, apartments — in […]

Study Shows Many Support Obamacare Provisions… Until You Show Them the Price Tag

How do people feel about the Affordable Care Act? It’s a common question, one that has been asked by pollsters countless times since the controversial law’s start almost seven years ago “But here’s the problem with those polls,” said Emily Ekins, chief pollster for the libertarian Cato Institute. “Public polling almost never takes cost into […]

Socialism: Where Young Futures Go to Die

Socialism is a sad irony. Socialist leaders promise liberation for the poor, but embrace kleptocracy in power. They claim to empower equality, but end up fostering impoverishment. They speak of a shared utopia, but serve a history of common suffering. Still, a particularly pernicious characteristic of socialism is its disregard for the young. Take the […]