Trading The News

Trading The News   The futures market is traded using various methods. The most popular methods are technical and fundamental analysis. These are the broad ways in which the strategies to take the traders are defined. There are many things that form these strategies which one should be clear of before using any of these […]

Crypto Code is a binary options robot trading software

Crypto Code is a binary options robot trading software developed by a great researcher and investor. One can place an amount according to their convenience and expectations on an asset without paying the whole value of the asset. Crypto Code has a link between the trader and the software. It can be created for indices, shares and […]

How to ease your investment process:

Investments are a huge part of life, in fact, life itself is an investment by our parents. We are gifted this life, by our parents, with some goals and a path designed. In the similar fashion, we also want our lives to be designed and executed well so that we live up to the expectations of our parents as well […]

Financial planning -Tips on investment:

We all make one or the other way of investments in life, keeping our retirement and children if any; educational plans. Its so common for most of us to think in a very fixed set of ways, because that’s the way we have been doing and we are comfortable with it.  So, how are the returns? Are they great, good, bad or poor? […]

There have been a lot of speculations

There have been a lot of speculations in the trading market, especially after the financial crisis. This is mainly because of the immediate and unexpected changes that this crisis brought in and caused to this trading market. Here it is important to be noted that when the market takes a big hit, it would also have an […]

Investment Banking

The special banking function which is aimed at creating capital for companies, governments, and other entities is called as investment banking. These play a pivotal role in the underwriting of debts and equity, aid in the selling of securities, and help to regulate mergers and acquisitions. Also, these banks play the function of providing guidance to the traders at large.  These banks also perform the function of simplifying the financial function of the traders and investors. […]

Smart Trading Tips

How has trading changed people?  Trading has become the new mantra for many today. There was a time when stock trading looked restricted only for the expert with this knowledge of trading. But now it has become a popular affair and the game of the common man. This has been made possible only with the intervention of technology and […]