Boehner: Tax Reform, School Choice Fundamental To GOP Agenda

The Washington Examiner reports:

Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington as Congress prepares to leave Washington, Boehner set out five points for his party to follow in the 114th Congress to promote a “solid foundation for growth and mobility.”

They include spending cuts and tax simplification — “let’s fix the whole tax code. Make it pro-growth and pro-family. Bring down the rates for every American, clear out all the loopholes,” said Boehner, according to prepared text. …

But his remarks also touched on improving education through school choice, a relatively new point of focus. “Let’s give more poor children and their parents a chance to find the better schools they need and deserve,” Boehner said.

In response to questions following his address, he also expressed support for antipoverty measures recently highlighted by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, such as sentencing reform and improving tax credits for poor families.

“I think it’s our obligation to help provide the tool for them to use to bring them into the mainstream of American society,” Boehner said of Ryan’s antipoverty plans. “I do think that his idea on the Earned Income Tax Credit has a lot of merit.”

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