Study Shows Many Support Obamacare Provisions… Until You Show Them the Price Tag

How do people feel about the Affordable Care Act? It’s a common question, one that has been asked by pollsters countless times since the controversial law’s start almost seven years ago “But here’s the problem with those polls,” said Emily Ekins, chief pollster for the libertarian Cato Institute. “Public polling almost never takes cost into […]

Socialism: Where Young Futures Go to Die

Socialism is a sad irony. Socialist leaders promise liberation for the poor, but embrace kleptocracy in power. They claim to empower equality, but end up fostering impoverishment. They speak of a shared utopia, but serve a history of common suffering. Still, a particularly pernicious characteristic of socialism is its disregard for the young. Take the […]

Surveys Find Charter School Parents More Satisfied Than District-School Parents

Politicians and policy experts have argued for two decades about the merits of charter schools, with many studies showing the alternative public schools perform as well or better than traditional tax-funded schools. But what do parents think? Two large-scale surveys recently provided a closer look. Charter-school parents are, on the whole, much more likely to be satisfied with key […]

How Big Government Policies Are Hurting the Poor

Scholars at the Heritage Foundation, a free-market think tank, have unveiled more than two-dozen intrusive, costly and unnecessary government policies that are hurting the poor and the most vulnerable. The findings come as the poverty rate in the United States continues to rise, or remains unchanged, among minority children, and economic uneasiness persists even as […]

After Being Liberated From ISIS, Woman Celebrates In Now Viral Photo JUNE 14, 2016 BY OPPORTUNITY LIVES STAFF Image: Daily Mail

For too long, she had been hidden in darkness. Not just the emotional and philosophical darkness of being held under ISIS oppression, but the darkness of the heavy shroud the radical Islamic extremists forced her and all other women to wear. Unlike free areas in the Muslim world, women living in ISIS controlled areas must […]