Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Stresses ‘Opportunity for All’ in Inaugural Speech

Newly inaugurated Arizona Governor Doug Ducey gave a stirring case for opportunity in America during his inaugural speech this month. Ducey stressed that affording citizens the opportunity to grow is the best way to improve our communities and well-being.

Opportunity for all: this was the defining commitment of my campaign. And you won’t hear me changing the subject these next four years. Whether it is spending, or the tax code, or changes in our public schools and legal system – or any other policy question – my first priority is simple: put more opportunities and greater freedom within reach of all our citizens.

It bears repeating that I have pledged to be a governor for all the people. Opportunity is just a platitude unless all Arizonans are included, everyone given a fair chance and even a second chance, no one forgotten, no one written off. Whatever your age or background, wherever life finds you today, you have a stake in all that happens at this capital, in the choices we make in the name of the people. It is not for the state to assure success, but we can promise, and I do, that this state is on the side of your success.

Opportunity is not a government program planned and distributed by some expert class any more than personal freedom is a favor granted by those in public office. Opportunity is a new job or training for a better job. It’s the kind of school where every child can grow in knowledge and in character, the kind of neighborhoods where families feel protected, a state where enterprise is welcome and hard work is rewarded.

Opportunity is that chance we all need to use our gifts, rise in the world, live as we were meant to live and give our children a better future. Spreading more of these chances to more of our citizens will be the daily work of my administration. That is the chance you have given me as governor, and I will give this work all that I have in me, never anything less.

You can read the full text of Ducey’s speech here.