After Being Liberated From ISIS, Woman Celebrates In Now Viral Photo JUNE 14, 2016 BY OPPORTUNITY LIVES STAFF Image: Daily Mail

For too long, she had been hidden in darkness. Not just the emotional and philosophical darkness of being held under ISIS oppression, but the darkness of the heavy shroud the radical Islamic extremists forced her and all other women to wear.

Unlike free areas in the Muslim world, women living in ISIS controlled areas must abide by a strict dress code: all black, and with every part of their body covered.

But as the Daily Mail reports, when a village in Aleppo was liberated from ISIS last week, one unnamed woman celebrated by removing the full-face black niqab and casting it off in the wind. Other women in the village did the same, some revealing colorful floral-print dresses, all with their faces and hands and arms once again free to the fresh air.

Now those same women are pledging to “never wear black again.”

The Daily Mail reports:

“Now I will only wear red!” an exhilarated Mrs Abdu Al-Muotee told Ara News after her town in northern Syria was freed from ISIS this week.

Celebrating the freedom of her home, Mrs Abdu Al-Muotee can be seen wearing a red leopard-print hijab decorated with flowers over a leopard-print dress with red patterns.

“They forced us to cover our faces with the Islamic veil and threatened to kill us,” she adds.

Video from Abu Qalqal shows women and children dressed in colourful clothes and adults no longer covering their faces in full niqab. The crowd can be heard chanting “We are freed! We are freed!”

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