25 Days of Giving – Purpose Hotel

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What if, when you travel, you could stay in a hotel that would sponsor a child in desperate need, providing that child with food, medical care, an education and clean water to drink? What if paying the extra fee for the high speed internet helped battle human trafficking? What if the soap, the shampoo, the linens you sleep on and the art you enjoy was all made by people in far away places who work for partners that are making a real difference in the world by giving them a hand up out of poverty? What if, by choosing this particular hotel, you could literally change hundreds of lives with a single night’s stay? Would you do it?

World-renowned photographer Jeremy Cowart, the mastermind behind “The Purpose Hotel” Kickstarter project, certainly hopes you will.

Cowart asks would-be backers to imagine booking a night not in just any hotel, but a global chain of “Purpose” hotels, where every time you book a room you sponsor a child, fight human trafficking and use products purchased from partners who are making a difference.

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