25 Days of Giving – Josh’s Hope

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Steve and Julie Bailey decided rather than let their son’s murder be the end of his story, they chose to honor Josh’s life by starting a nonprofit foundation called Josh’s Hope in 2010. The foundation is set up to help young adults between the ages of 18 to 35 with mental illness transition into becoming successful adults.

One of the struggles young adults with mental illness face when entering the workforce is the stigma of having such a disorder. Requesting extended breaks for therapy appointments, medication changes or affect changes that lead to disturbances in work performance can negatively impact the career goals of a young adult.

One of the goals of Josh’s Hope is to mitigate these factors by offering the participants in their “Tools for Hope” program various skills training and on-the-job experience, as well as transitional employment through their partner for-profit company, which also acts as a fall back place of employment should employment elsewhere not work out.

Since it launched in 2010, 19 men and women with mental illness have completed their vocational and life skills program. As Steve Bailey told Opportunity Lives, “Our numbers are small, but we want our results to be big in having a meaningful impact in our participant’s lives.” This number is actually comforting for those who understand the time and intensive work that is really needed to successfully treat mental illness.

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