Get the true reward from these points

Tired of advertisement messages carving my time and energy when I jump out from my seat and hurries to look the mobile on hearing the beep sound, I have put the ringtone of calling the sender’s or caller’s name aloud. On hearing the name, I can decide in a second whether to pay heed or to ignore. There is a sender who often confuses me on what action has to be taken on hearing the inbox sound and after reading the message. It is from my bank and the messages inform me either about the number of reward points I have accumulated in my account or how many reward points are going to lapse in a near date.

Get the true reward from these points

Your bank will have numerous full-time and seasonal offers to encourage its customers and they may reach you through promotional messages, emails, and calls. It is obviously difficult in our hurry-burry life to research about each grab a suitable one. No matter whichever offers you miss, reward points are something you should never let go off from your hands. It is a part of your money that goes away in different banking transactions and the bank is in a way returning it to you.

When you carry out transactions like:

  • Debit card and credit card swipes at brick and mortar stores
  • Online shopping using credit and debit cards
  • Internet banking transfers and payments
  • Other banking operations on a tie-up with commercial merchants,

your bank credits a certain number of reward points into your account, with each transaction. There is no need of opening a separate account for availing the same. You can readily access the reward points through your internet banking profile or rewards site of the bank. Using these points you can perform online shopping on the selected list of products, as informed by the site. For each item, there will be a certain number of points required or putting it in an inverse way, reward points have a pre-decided currency worth like the reward you get through Crypto Code by solving puzzles. For 250 points, you can purchase any item within $10 and so on.

You can also use reward points for:

  • Booking travel tickets, air tickets, and hotel rooms
  • Recreational activities like movie tickets, game zone entries
  • Mobile phone recharge, digital or dish TV recharge
  • Shopping at select offline stores in addition to online stores

Reward points come with an expiry date, set at a particular date from the date of each transaction. If you do not use these points within the stipulated date, the points get lapsed from your reward account. Do not miss on this smart way of add-on shopping without spinning extra cash.